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Our consultants have experience in recruitment, their respective specialized industries/sectors, and sometimes both.

Our aim is to simplify the inordinate process career search and to ensure that we deliver World Class candidate experience. You can expect nothing but honesty, transparency, and expert career advice from our team, throughout the process.

Words of Advice

Most professionals spend hours, indeed weeks, planning a holiday, but little time on decisions that will affect the next three decades of their lives.

This has changed drastically and today virtually all professionals want to plan their careers, but many do not know where to start.

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If your CV is logically crafted, informative and interesting to read, it will open doors for you. The content of your own CV should be used by most recruitment consultancies without alteration. Bringing your CV together need not be difficult if you keep your prospective employer's point of view in mind.


Most interviews follow a fairly standard format but are a two-way street. You have to discover as much as possible about the company, their philosophy and their goals as they do about how you may fit into that team.

Deciding whether you should accept a job offer, wait for another one, or choosing between several offers, should be approached with the same care you have applied to the rest of your job search.

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